Astral Mamma

Alchemy of Motherhood

Astral Mamma began with one exhausted mother dreaming about what her life would look like if she followed her heart…

The moment my daughter was born I realized that what I had been doing for work wasn’t going to be enough anymore. I couldn’t manage a 12hr night shift at the hospital and funeral directing was a soulless profession of paper pushing. I had a new 24/7 job that demanded more of me than I ever anticipated.

Whenever I looked down at my sweet baby I became so captivated by her that I couldn’t fathom being away for too long. I knew I needed to create something new and different in my life. So, one night I sat down and wrote out everything that I’m passionate about and slowly the ingredients came together… just like a recipe.

Recipe for Growth

2 Cups Motherhood…

When I became pregnant with my daughter I hadn’t yet begun to learn how to care for myself. I had spent most of my life abusing my precious body with garbage food and the late night club scene. Becoming a vessel for a growing child made me reassess how I nurtured myself and how I wanted to nourish my growing baby.

As my belly grew so did my pride. Even though I gained 50 pounds I felt absolutely beautiful. For the first time in my life my self-worth wasn’t attached to a number on a scale. After years of crash diets and viewing food as the enemy I was able to begin my journey of releasing the stigma that my worth wasn’t solely attached to my size and shape.

I was and still am completely fascinated by a woman’s ability to create, sustain and birth new life into being. 

1 Cup Astrology…

I have gazed into the night sky for as long as I can remember with deep awe. “The universe is so vast and I’m so small” . Each time a million questions would bubble up from my soul. What is my life’s purpose? Are we all alone in the universe? What is the meaning to all this BS and who is responsible for this? All of these questions ignited an interest and a desire to learn more about the significance of the planets and the patterns they create.

Nearly 14 years ago I received my first astrology reading from a woman who told me things that only I knew about myself and some things I hadn’t yet learned. She taught me that each planet symbolized different aspects of the self and as the planets moved in their cycles (orbit) I also underwent changes.

From that point on I have used astrology as a part of my everyday life to help me better understand myself and the world around me. Astrology has taught me that we are not separate from the heavens above. The heavens are where we came from and where we will return to. Using astrology as a tool to help others navigate their lives and connect with their own divinity is a sacred service that I’m proud to offer.

1 Tbsp Female Empowerment…

Often times it’s the smallest ingredient in a recipe that has the most potency…

My passion to empower women by honoring their bodies came from years of childhood sexual abuse. Those years created layers of self-neglect and a masterful set of survival skills. I was taught by circumstance to not trust myself or my body. I could not begin to measure my own worth let alone see the value in honoring a body that had been violated.

It wasn’t until many years later that I began to see the myriad of ways I had treated myself like my own abuser. Reclaiming my body as my own and finding my own healing has and will be an ever evolving journey. Being able to offer products and services to women that help them connect with their own inner knowing and honoring their sacred feminine birthright is my greatest, most vulnerable offering. As I have grown in my own healing journey I have found that the spiritual purpose of trauma is….

When I’m not busy in the kitchen mixing up a recipe some of my other passions include:

Death & Dying & The Home Funeral Movement (typical Scorpio)

Raising A Strong Woman

Taking Naps (almost never happens)

Learning About My Plant Allies

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