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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

The placenta is the organ that surrounds the baby and allows for the exchange of nutrients, blood, and waste with the mother. The placenta performs the functions of the liver, lungs, kidneys and the endocrine system. The custom of consuming the placenta is a centuries-old practice that can be dated back as far as 2000 years through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The body is wise and has created an organ to sustain the baby during pregnancy and can be taken to help the mother through her post-partum recovery. Placenta Encapsulation is the act of steaming, dehydrating and grinding the placenta into a powder and placing it into easy to swallow vegtable gel caps.

Placenta Services I Offer 

I offer a variety of placenta and umbilical cord services ranging from all-inclusive packages to a la carte options. I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulationist. Please contact me with any questions regarding a particular services.

Placenta Pills 


The placenta encapsulated in easy to swallow, vegetable gel caps.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of steaming, dehydrating, grinding and encapsulating the powder into easy to swallow, vegetable gel cap.

4oz Placenta Tincture


A placental tincture that prolongs the benefits of the placental hormones.

The placenta tincture is perfect for after the placenta pills are gone. The tincture will prolong the benefits of the placental hormones and can be used at times of stress and transition.The tincture is made by taking a small piece of the placenta and adding it to a high-grade alcohol. In 6 weeks time, the placenta is strained and the tincture is ready for use. Additional bottles of tincture are $20 per bottle.

Additional Products

Umbilical Cord Dream Catcher $30

Ancient legends about the history and origin of the dream-catcher exist among several Native American tribes. The origins of the dream catcher began with the great goddess, Spider Woman. She was believed to be a spiritual protector of the tribe, especially for children. As the tribe grew and spread out across the land, Spider-Woman found it difficult to continue to protect and watch over all the members of the tribe as they migrated farther away. So, she created the dream-catcher. The dream-catcher was to be placed above the heads of sleeping children. When the children had a bad dream, Spider-Woman would catch it in the web of the dream-catcher. Following her example, mothers and grandmothers would recreate the maternal keepsake as a means of mystically protecting their children and families from afar. A dream catcher that integrates the umbilical cord.  Sign Up >>

Placenta Print $10

Another great way to remember the sacredness and nourishment that the placenta provides is a placenta print. As your baby grows you can show them the picture of the wonderful organ that fed them and tell them the story of when one person became two.  Sign Up >>

Umbilical Cord Keepsake- Complimentary

Complementary umbilical cord keepsake included with placenta encapsulation. You can choose between a heart or spiral shape.  Sign Up >>

Let Me Come To You!

Every woman should be given extra LOVE & ATTENTION after bringing a human being earthside. She also needs the support of her friends & family close by during this time of transition.

My passion is to make things convenient and easy for mothers and their families. Pick up of the placenta and drop off of the final products are included in all services and packages (up to 35 miles). Additional fees apply outside of a driving range. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! 

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I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulationist, drawing on over 18 years of experience working in the healthcare field to ensure your placenta products are healthy, clean, and safe.

I have completed a detailed training for placenta encapsulation from IPPA. I have also completed a training in Bloodborne Pathogen Safety and Infection Control For Placenta Encapsulators in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 and an annual food handlers safety training. 

I have over 18 years of experience working in the healthcare field which requires a high level of sanitization standards and bloodborne safety. I also hold a degree in Mortuary Science, which makes me no stranger to working with blood. I take your health and well-being as well as my own very seriously

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