Astral Mamma

What is Evolutionary Astrology ?

EA is built on the foundation that we are students here to learn in the school of life. As we learn we grow, we become and evolve. This soul school provides us with certain situations in our lives in order to deliver the curriculum we need to grow. My approach emphasizes that we do not live in a static universe. Nothing in our lives is fixed but could change at any moment depending on which path we choose. Free will is a vital ingredient and opens the door to using astrology as a tool and not as a weapon.

Your astrological chart is a navigational chart. As the weather patterns change during your journey I can show you which days the sun will be shining brightly and when you might want to wear a coat. I`m simply a compass to help you read your map. You are the captain, only you direct the course.

Work With Me

What to Expect...

All readings are an hour in length and recorded as an audio mp3 file which are emailed with a copy of the chart following the reading. Questions are warmly welcomed during the reading. You do not need to have any experience with astrology or its language in order to reap the benefits.

Please have the day/time/place and year of your birth to schedule a reading. The time of birth should be within 15min of the actual time. Don`t know the exact time of your birth? This information can be found with an astrologer who specializes in chart rectification. I would be happy to offer a few referrals.