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Photo by Romain Pontida, used under a CC BY-SA 2.0 liscense.

Cosmic Guide Services

Cosmic Fingerprint $88

On the exact moment you were born, the stars were aligned in a specific geometric pattern of energies that map out inherit patterns that you were born with. 

  • What your soul yearns for?
  • What are the strengths and challenges you were born with?
  • What are the universal themes trying to be expressed?
  • What is your relationship style?
  • What are the themes you’re working on in your soul’s development?
  • What makes you feel emotionally secure?

Solar Return (Birthday) Reading $88

Every year around the time of your birthday the sun returns to the same point it did when you were born (within a day or two). The solar return chart will analyze significant influences and patterns that will be present for you during the next year.

  • What best nourishes your soul
  • Annual themes and focuses
  • Potential relationship opportunities
  • Potential pitfalls and possibilities for the upcoming year​​

Archetypal Reading $88

The concept of an archetype was coined by the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung. Archetypes can be thought of as universal symbols that come from the collective unconscious. Imagine a masquerade ball where everyone is wearing different mask. Each mask represents a different archetype or part of our personality. Each astrological sign is associated with a variety of archetypal figures.

  • What archetypes are dominate in your chart?
  • How are the archetypes being projected out onto other people?
  • What happens when the characteristics of the archetype are being exaggerated
  • Activities to bring the archetypes into consciences.
  • Ways to reclaim the gifts that are inherit in your chart

Chiron – A Healing Journey $88

Chiron is a planetoid that symbolizes a great paradox. It is that place in an astrology chart where our greatest strengths and weaknesses reside. Chiron is often associated with the archetype of the wounded healer but to classify it as such doesn’t quantify the true spiritual service that comes from our wounding and that is where the paradox begins. Deep within every trauma that we experience is a medicine that we must all find.

  • Cleary identify your greatest strengths that may be unclaimed 
  • Reveal what’s been clogging the soul
  • Tools to help shake and remove the clutter
  • Empowerment through self-responsibility – undoing victimization/shame/fear/guilt
  • Ability to rewrite your story
  • Ways to invite change

Relationship Reading $178

Relationships can offer some of the most mysterious and frustrating material to work through. One of my foundational beliefs about all relationships is that we choose our partners based off of our own unconscious fears, traumas and shadow parts of self that need to be healed. Funny how the things that attract us to the other are really unhealed parts of ourselves and not what we originally thought we saw. A relationship reading will help you uncover and reframe these issues. It can clarify your own needs and the needs of your partner. The ability to view your relationships through the cosmic lens can help shift resentments and blame so that you can honor your path, your partners path and the separate sacred third path that is formed with the merging of two souls.  

Current Weather Pattern $88

During your session we will focus on the current and most influential cycles in your life. We will discuss the dominate archetypal energies that are effecting your life and how you can work with these energy patterns.

  •  Bring context to any changes that arrive in life.
  • Give you the opportunity to consciously create with the cosmos. So that you can see ahead of time where the winds of change could take you and how you might need to adjust.

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